My GFit


My GFit includes 10 genetic markers research studies have shown to be directly related to your physical abilities and include various benefits gained from exercising.


Are you ready to learn about your specific genetic markers to help you achieve more personalized health goals? Congratulations! My GFit includes a panel of 10 genetic tests that will show individual results of carefully selected genes directly related to your physical abilities. We will help you discover your best choices in a fitness program. This report is divided into two parts:

  • Part ONE – We provide specific information about the significant genes pertaining to any physical abilities, tendencies to injury, and other fitness potential predispositions. We can help you find exercises that work more efficiently with your body to help avoid injuries.
  • Park TWO – Get comparative results of your genetic tests to “normal” versus moderate or highly probable to express. In other words, you can compare your results with the significant tendency of that gene marker.

Some of the things that you can learn from your My GFit Report:

             1.    Physical resistance
             2.   Strength
             3.   Endurance training
             4.   Response to resistance training
             5.   Benefit to resistance training
             6.   Resistance vs speed
             7.   Maximum amount of oxygen (VO2 max) that your body can use
             8.   Fat loss in response to exercise
             9.   Injuries (osteoarthritisand tendonitis)
            10.  Response to exercise in overall health

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